The natural world, in all its intricate complexity and beauty, never stops to fascinate and mystify me. Especially the way nature tends to organize itself in recognizable patterns repeated throughout all levels of creation, from the cosmic to the microscopic, is an inexhaustible source of wonder and amazement.
Have you noticed what happens when you see my paintings next to each other? Alone each work has its own inner logic and dynamic, but when put together new dynamics arise. Personally I find this very interesting to play with. I can spend hours combining and recombining paintings to see which...
Like many aspiring painters, I initially had the ambition to paint large canvases - the bigger the better. During my studies at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts I was provided with a wonderful spacious loft studio where I could do exactly that, and did. Naturally I also painted on smaller canvases, but mostly as a...
A dot is the simplest mark an artist can make. The first letter in the language of art. The number one. The source for all which follows. It’s the first principle. The beginning. A point of potentiality. A symbol of creation. It represents the singularity at the beginning of the universe. The point of infinite density containing...
If you’re considering getting a painting for your wall, you’re probably also considering if, or how to frame it. If not, you should. Because putting a frame on a painting will affect the overall esthetics of the painting and how you perceive it. To frame a painting is an important decision that you should consider carefully.

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