Carsten Crone Caroc is a Danish painter, sculptor and performance artist born in 1975. Since graduating from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, he regularly exhibits in Denmark and abroad. 

Caroc’s works are characterized by their elementary yet evocative expression. Based on pure geometry, natural forms and patterns found in nature he constructs symmetrical designs imbued with intense colors.

His work as an artist is inseparable from his other main interest: meditation. As a young man he lived for 6 years as a yogic monk, an experience that profoundly has inspired and shaped his artistic expression and aspiration.

Every workday begins with meditation in the studio – a practice that brings clarity and energy into the artistic process. The works often reflect the meditative experience but still leave room for the observer’s own individual experience and contemplation. 

Caroc lives with his wife and two daughters in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, where he also maintains his studio.

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